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The following information is designed to explain set-up charges that may apply and help you understand some of the details of customization. 


Embroidery requires that your artwork  be digitized, or formatted for embroidery equipment.

The cost of digitizing and embroidering is based on the amount of "stitches" required...the larger or more intricate your logo, the higher the cost.

Unlike screening or printing, embroidery does not cost more for additional colors.

Digitizing Cost
$75.00 - up to 10,000 stitches

...on average, this will cover a 5" X 5" logo on the ball pocket of a golf bag, or on a golf towel.

  • You will be notified of the actual cost should your logo's exceed 10,000 stitches.

  • This cost is waived if you already have compatible digitized art. You can obtain the art file or "embroidery tape" from an embroiderer that may have completed work for you previously. The file can be emailed or sent via floppy disc. Even if the logo must be resized, it can save you money on set-up charges.


The silk-screening  process requires that a separate screen be made for each color being used in the printing process. Consequently, the more colors in your logo, the higher the cost of printing and set-up.

If silk-screened products are ordered from separate factories, each factory will require a set-up fee.

Screen Set-Up Cost
$40.00 per color, per logo

...unless otherwise specified.

  • On higher product quantities, factory may waive screen charges.

Submitting Artwork
Logo's & art may be submitted via email, floppy disc, zip disc, or clean hard copy.

Acceptable formats are JPEG, TIFF, or BMP (Windows)...JPEG is preferred.

Mail Disc or Hard Copy

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